Daily Numbers: 8/31/10


20 22 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 3572 3358 214 19.083
+70 Spins
+29 Bullet
+0.216 AI

#34 iTunes

25 23 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 969 776 193 4.606
+37 Spins
+9 Bullet
+0.229 AI

Updates in context:



Distances to competitors:

795 spins ahead of Nelly (-87)
212 spins away from Cosgrove (+99)
547 spins away from Drake (+303)
875 spins away from Eminem (+130)
1345 spins away from Paramore (+177)

207 spins ahead of Swift (-15)
3 spins ahead of Kesha (+56)
48 spins away from La Roux (+76)
118 spins away from Gaga (+52)
557 spins away from Allen (+55)


12 Responses to Daily Numbers: 8/31/10

  1. planetangst says:

    Beautiful, no?

    Travie should go recurrrent this week, and IIHY should pass Drake and Cosgrove, as long as Nelly stays behind he should end up at #19.

    Nashville is now the leader on this song with 96 spins!

  2. sagajo says:

    This is more than beautiful!

  3. cosem says:

    Niiiiiceeee…Yday we got an extra overnight PC spin and today we got 2. Also IIHY was played by a CUMulus syndicated thingy…so I hope the rest of CUMulus stations will add today.

    ps. I’m warning you I’m gonna play around a little bit with links and categories…

  4. planetangst says:

    Go ahead- I got a headache doing it yesterday, lol. It’s all yours. Do you see under the reply box they mention blockquotes? there has gotta be a way to do it.

    Nelly and Bieber already have a few adds today and Adam has none. DO NOT like Nelly’s new song- he sounds like an old rapper trying to make a comback. I long for the days of Air Force One’s. Le sigh.

    Bieber’s new song- I actually think it’s his best one to date. ducks and runs…….

  5. jtfacts says:

    Nice update! Knock on wood, IIHY should be back in the Top 20 by Sunday.

  6. sagajo says:

    I haven’t heard Biebers new song…

  7. titimira says:

    Just added the surrounding charts as well as distances to competitors. This is lob btw if anyone should be confused (wordpress doesn’t allow three-character user names).

  8. planetangst says:

    Hi lob and jtf! Glad you made it here 🙂

    • jtfacts says:

      Good to be here–LOVE your username studio!

      • planetangst says:

        It was actually my idea for the name of the site, lol. I was going to have the tagline- “If you can’t stand the heat, GTFO”. haha. Saga’s idea is much kinder and gentler, lol.

  9. angelaforaml says:

    hey guys, thanks for starting the thread, love the update today, thank you for the distances lob, u are the best!

  10. sagajo says:

    I think top20 on both formats is possible on sunday.

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