Daily Numbers: 8/30/10

20 22 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 3502 3317 185 18.867
+40 Spins
-15 Bullet
+0.383 AI

25 24 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 932 748 184 4.377
+26 Spins
-8 Bullet
+0.133 AI

#33 iTunes


25 Responses to Daily Numbers: 8/30/10

  1. Again, I am trying to get the hang of this…

  2. oh this is better…but what are embedded replies?

  3. sagajo says:

    The posts were embedded but I changed the setting so now they look normal. I want to find a way to have several inlogs for this blog… that would be easiest.

  4. planetangst says:

    Okay, how the hell is Studio57 already taken, lol?

  5. sagajo says:

    I don’t know studio, I couldn’t use saga, even though I use it at mj’s

  6. planetangst says:

    I hate these colors. Jussayin. I can angst in here right? 🙂

  7. sagajo says:

    Lol, send me your email and I’ll make you admin. Then you can play around with themes all you want.

  8. cosem says:

    Hello!! I did it! I’m here with my serious username but I’m the same angelbunny or ziz you all love (lol j/k)…and I have an avi too…now where is your intro post saga?

  9. planetangst says:

    OOOps! Having fun with themes and now it looks like Mj’s UP IN HERE, lol.

    Feel free to change it to another theme.

  10. cosem says:

    Heh, Studio… I actually like the bright font, it matches with my avi lol…but yes you’re right. Have more fun

  11. planetangst says:

    MJ’s IS easy to use, i just wonder why the page looks so small. Can you figure out how to stretch it?

  12. cosem says:

    btw how do you quote here?

  13. cosem says:

    hmm I dunno…

  14. planetangst says:

    I don’t know cosem- there has to be a way to quote if you can do it at mj’s. Someone gave you editing abilities too, right? Just play around and one of us can figure it out, lol. Or not 🙂

  15. cosem says:

    No, I don’t have editing abilities in this blog :(…lol but almost by accident I created a personal blog…I can use it as a playground.

  16. planetangst says:

    let me know what you come up with. When saga or someone else comes back they can help you out with the editing. I suck at this stuff but I will keep trying…

  17. cosem says:

    planetangst says:
    August 30, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    let me know what you come up with. When saga or someone else comes back they can help you out with the editing. I suck at this stuff but I will keep trying…

  18. cosem says:

    sorry epic quote fail…

  19. sagajo says:

    Hey, I am a total newbie at this… I am not the know-how person, lol. OK this theme looks like a hospital informercial.

  20. sagajo says:

    We need to get lob and jtf here.

  21. planetangst says:

    I forgot how I changed the theme, lmao!

  22. sagajo says:

    ok, we need a theme with broader posting field, don’t you think?

  23. planetangst says:

    I like this layout but not the colors….grrrr….

  24. jtfacts says:

    Why do we have little critter avatars? I feel like I’m in a Highlights magazine!

    And even though I made sure not to select the create a blog function when I created my account, I now seem to have a blog. WTF?

    BTW, thanks all for setting this up and figuring things out.

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