Who will be nominated for BNA this year?

Who do you think will be nominated for BNA at the Grammies 2010? Predict up to 5 nominees! Cosem and I already have a bet with JTF that Kesha will NOT get a nomination. If we win JTF has to buy Robyns new album (bodyparts 1.0) and if we loose we have to buy Jersey Shore Soundtrack.


19 Responses to Who will be nominated for BNA this year?

  1. sagajo says:

    My guess is Drake, Bibier, Florence and the Machine and Janelle. And some random country act.

  2. jtfacts says:

    I’ve committed to Ke$ha, so I guess I’m stuck with her as one of my picks. I think she probably won’t get nominated, but I wasn’t as confident as others that that was a given.

    BTW, I think people have to name a country act! No “insert country act” here.

  3. planetangst says:

    I thought I answered this question- oh well. The only one I can think of would be Bruno. But it sure would be nive to see Adam up there as well. But then again BNA at the Grammy’s is always a curse. Check out the one hit wonders most of them became:


  4. jchang365 says:

    Oh my god, Bruno!!! Would love it if he got nominated. He’s very talented. However, the more I think about it, the more I think that he’s just a Filipino Jason Mraz, right down to the fedora and ukulele.

    If Bieber gets nominated, I may just throw up a little.

  5. sagajo says:

    BTW, I think people have to name a country act! No “insert country act” here.

    ah, that’s so unfair to the international fans…

  6. planetangst says:


    I can say that because windmills is not on this board mwaaaaahaaaaahaaaaa.

    And jchang- I gotta disagree about Bruno. Jason Mraz writes nice little ditties, but Bruno’s voice just touches me. JTWYA would be a crap song sung by anyone else but him. Just something about that guy.

    • jchang365 says:

      Gurrrrl, Jason Mraz is an amazing, amazing singer. I saw him in concert and he blows me away. I think Adam and Jason are probably the only artists I’ve heard who can just improvise on the fly. Bruno is probably as good as Mraz in terms of tone, but I wouldn’t say he’s better.

  7. jtfacts says:

    Naming a country act will be tough for a lot of us since we’re not country fans!

    I have always unreasonably loathed Mraz and I am unreasonably loathing Bruno so perhaps they have something in common…something that annoys me! Bwahhaha.

    But seriously, I think they’re both talented, even if I don’t appreciate their talent. Mraz in the songwriting/phrasing sense and Bruno in the songwriting/vocal sense.

  8. sagajo says:

    Lol, jchang, I wanted to comment on that too. Mraz really is a good singer, no doubt about it. Very “free” and relaxed. I cringed when some people compared Kris to him. Bruno has a very nice “carribean/reggea” tone but I haven’t seen him sing his pants of yet.

    • jchang365 says:

      Haha, well, we’ve agreed about Jason before! He’s NOT just a songwriter. I know planetangst didn’t mean it this way, but I was nearly offended when she said that he “writes nice little ditties.” His two Grammys were in vocal performance for pete’s sake! I really think people misjudge Jason, because they really don’t know that many of his songs. His two biggest ones are probably “I’m Yours” and “The Remedy,” and while they are sung very well, I think it’s just one part of his really impressive vocal ability. His cover of “Rainbow Connection” knocks my pants off, and he’s not even belting it out. Bruno has a really wonderful, pure tone to his voice and decent range, but I haven’t heard him sing with dynamics or really let go and riff. Maybe he can, but I haven’t heard it on his EP (which I own and do like very much). If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from Adam’s singing this year, it’s that good tone really is only one part of good singing.

      • samantha says:

        I downloaded the Mraz version of “Rainbow Connection,” and I like it a lot. Actually, I have a playlist of that song by various artists (I’m weird like that). My favorite is Willie Nelson’s version.

        Scoff if you must. Willie is a master of phrasing.

  9. planetangst says:

    Hey! JTF hates Mraz and I offended you? HAHAHA. just kidding. I LOVE MRAZ.! What I meant by little ditties is that they are not bombastic in your face- they are nice and sweet .Best laying in the pool music ever! Even though he did not write it, this is my favorite by him- I love his ability to scat:

    • jchang365 says:

      Well, JTF hates Bruno too, so I figured that is just not really her style of music. I thought the “nice little ditties” comment was meant as an insult or that you didn’t take him that seriously in comparison to Mraz, which really didn’t make sense to me because I really think that Bruno and Jason have a lot of similarities musically. IMO, Bruno writes a lot of “nice little ditties” too, all pleasant and sweet, almost sickly sweet at times, haha.

  10. jtfacts says:

    Oh yeah, it’s just not the type of music I like. Mraz is too precious/cutesy for me and Bruno is too syrupy. I don’t like Jack Johnson either. Or John Mayer. Basically, none of the singer-songwriters! I want a strong beat and/or loud guitars!

  11. planetangst says:

    Does Bruno write his own songs? I wasn’t even sure if he did or not..

    • jtfacts says:

      According to wiki, he co-wrote “the hooks” for Nothin on You and Billionare. And Right Round! Kinda funny how many people are connected to that song now.

  12. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    I don’t think that Adam has a shot at a BNA nomination. I’m hoping for a Male Pop Vocal Grammy nomination for Adam, but even that is probably a real long shot.

    Oh, and I think that if JTF loses her bet with you that she should have to buy Susan Boyle’s upcoming CD. LOL!

  13. samantha says:

    Ke$ha should be nominated, and she should win. That’s what I think. TWIT

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